St Patricks Day Entertainment

March 17th, 2014
St Patricks Day Entertainment

St Patricks Day Entertainment

St Patricks Day is one of the biggest nights of the year for live music and Live Music Management have booked St Patricks Day entertainment for many of our regular clients.

The majority of the Walkabout Bars throughout the UK will be holding some kind of St Patricks Day party with the smaller venues opting for a DJ playing many of the big Irish anthems and the larger Walkabout venues hiring a live band or acoustic solo or duo to celebrate the big occasion. Check your local Walkabout listings to find out what’s happening in your town today.

St Patricks Day is associated with a particular music style and Live Music Management are specialists at providing both Irish Bands and bands that can play many of the Irish anthems that people expect to hear on March 17. For instance Liverpool Walkabout have booked an acoustic solo player today who will be singing songs like Tell Me Ma , U2 classics , Thin Lizzy Whisky In A Jar and many more tracks interspersed with party classics. He is playing in the early evening slot where some live music really makes a difference with the atmosphere and it is expected that many people will join in the party straight from college or work this evening. Later in the night there will be a DJ on hand to amp up the volume and the energy levels and to play the high energy Irish party anthems that St Paddy’s day revellers want to dance to.

The host of St Patricks Day entertainment that Live Music Management have booked for events today includes top London Irish band Blag who will be appearing at O Neil’s Irish Bar in Kingston Up Thames and Shakeout who will be playing a specially rehearsed set at Walkabout in Reading. There have also been a number of events over the weekend including parties at holiday parks and a number of private events. As mentioned in a blog a short while ago one of the things that we have noticed this year is the many St Patricks Day themed weddings which has resulted in extra bookings for our live acts who are able to add an Irish flavour to the proceedings.

If you are celebrating St Patricks Day today then go ahead and enjoy a Guiness for the Live Music Management team .We hope to be able to help with any St Patricks Day entertainment that you may need to book in March 2015 and look forward to your call on 08454 900515 or email on



Bandeoke Hen Party

March 14th, 2014

Bandeoke For A Hen Party

One Night Standeoke Live Music Management’s premier London Bandeoke band (and one of the very first Rockaoke bands in the UK) were the entertainment at a fabulous hen party celebration held in Somerset last weekend. A select gang of female guest singers joined the band on stage and rocked the house. The band’s comments page was soon alive with feedback.

“Just wanted to say a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE thank you for Saturday night, the band were excellent, we had so much fun and the hen loved it, so many of girls commented on how amazing you guys were and I am trying to find the excuse to have you for a party of my own!! I will make sure that I forward this email onto all the girls at the party so they can leave reviews and comments as well.

Thanks again we had so much fun

-Natalie Hen Party March 2014″

Visit the bands page on the main Live Music Management site for more of the same.

The band reported that they had a great time performing for a smaller audience than their usual bookings . The night was fun packed , the ladies were enthusiastic singers who joined in the fun with the band and everyone had a brilliant night.

One Night Standeoke are not the only Rockaoke Live Karaoke Band to have played at a Bandeoke Hen Party as a couple of years ago Lucas Rockaoke were featured on an episode of TV’s Show and Tell performing with a Bride to be.

One Night Standeoke are available to hire for all kinds of events from weddings and parties to festivals and events. They relish the challenge of a booking with a difference (like the hen party gig) and always go the extra mile to make everyone comfortable and feel able to give their best on stage with the band.

One Night Standeoke  are masters at recruiting singers even when playing in unpromising circumstances like the venue booking a couple of years ago when they played in front of less than twenty people on a wet Tuesday night. The band ended up playing a little longer than contracted for as everyone in the place wound up on stage singing at least two or three songs. It was a memorable night for all concerned.

If you would like further details about booking One Night Standeoke (maybe for your own Bandeoke Hen Party) then please call the office on 08454 900515 or email

Discount Entertainment For Mid Week Weddings

March 13th, 2014
Discount Entertainment For Mid Week Weddings

Discount Entertainment For Mid Week Weddings

For as long as we can remember the majority of weddings have been held on a Saturday (or in the case of Jewish weddings on a Sunday.) However in the last year or two there has been a trend towards couples tying the knot on a Mid Week night. We noticed that more weddings were taking place on Fridays and Bank Holiday Sundays (sometimes even on Bank Holiday Mondays) and now the trend seems to be moving towards mid week weddings with a significant portion of our enquiries asking about availability and prices on wedding bands and party DJs for Mondays through to Fridays.

One of the key reasons for booking an off peak wedding would be to secure availability and to negotiate the best price. Venues and suppliers are often able to offer some discount on off peak enquiries and of course the most popular venues can be booked several months or years ahead and by being open to the idea of a mid week wedding the Bride and Groom are able to choose the venue that most fits with their requirements.

Live Music Management offer discount prices on entertainment for mid week weddings. Most of our bands and DJ’s do accept mid week bookings and are happy to reduce the fee for a suitable show within reasonable travel of home. It is worth noting that some of our bands have full time work (often as session players or music teachers) and therefore have to reschedule their day work around mid week enquiries however this is often a possibility and it is worth calling the Live Music Management office to get quotes for a number of different bands as you will find some acts more amenable to reduced fees than others.

Live Music Management can offer the best quality discount entertainment for mid week weddings as we have a large roster of acts that are unique to our agency and/or acts that we place in bookings in a variety of different arenas. We can easily identify the right band at the right price for your big day. Call our team on 08454 900515 or send us an email on we look forward to being able to help you.




St Patricks Day Weddings

March 12th, 2014
St Patricks Day Weddings

St Patricks Day Weddings

As this weekend approaches Live Music Management are taking a few last minute calls from venues and events wanting to book live acts and DJ’s for their St Patricks Day events. St Patricks Day is always a big night for entertainment and with St Paddy’s Day falling on a Monday in 2014 the party seems to have been extended throughout the weekend with some venues choosing to make Saturday or Sunday the big party night. We actually have one Irish Band playing St Patricks Day events on Thursday , Friday , Saturday , Sunday and performing two shows on Monday!

Another key difference with March 17 in 2014 is that we have a number of acts playing St Patricks Day Weddings. With St Paddy’s falling so close to the weekend there are a number of wedding clients with Irish heritage who have taken advantage and themed their wedding to fit in with St Pats. This means that the vast majority of Live Music Managements party bands with Irish material have been booked out over the weekend. They will be playing the big Irish anthems loved by generations of music fans. For most clients this means a band that can mix the traditional with the party music so expect U2 songs , tracks by Van Morrison , Bewitched and Thin Lizzy to sit nicely at the side of traditional songs like Tell Me Ma , Molly Malone , Wild Rover , Dirty Old Town and Black Velvet Band.

St Patricks Day weddings have also resulted in more ceilidh style acts being booked this weekend and acts with a great set list of traditional  tunes for people to dance to (usually with a caller shouting out the dance moves and teaching the audience the dances for each song.) I myself went to a ceilidh wedding in Scotland a few years ago and it was an awful lot of fun. My sister intend celebrating her twenty fifth wedding anniversary with a ceilidh dance and will be hiring a live band for this later in the year.

Should you decide that you would like the best in Irish flavoured entertainment for your wedding or party please give our office a call on 08454 900515 or email  we will be able to help.

Organising A House Concert

March 7th, 2014
reverend and makers play house concert

reverend and makers play house concert

One of the fantastic underground ideas within the folk and acoustic music scene is the house concert. A house concert is simply a gig which is held in someone’s home or private space and is by invitation only. A house concert offers an intimate and unique atmosphere for a gig and is a trend that is moving rapidly into the mainstream with pop bands and party acts extending this experience way beyond it’s folk scene roots.

When Sheffield based chart act Reverend And The Makers launched their recent album they did so with a series of front room concerts chosen by lottery. The concerts afforded the band an intimate tour in front of staunch supporters and the attention of the press , particularly at grassroots level where local papers reported extensively on “Top Hit Band Plays Students Front Room” style stories.

It may not be possible to book an act with several hit records under their belt but anyone can organise a house concert.

Ideally you want a space large enough to accommodate twenty or thirty people . Artists gigging on the folk scene often suggest a cover charge of £10 to £15. They will set a guarantee on the night (ie the fee that you need to pay them against door take) and the ticket prices can be set against this. On the folk scene it is common practice that the acts play totally without amplification which harks back to the fabulous folk clubs held in small back rooms of public houses many of which have disappeared over the years. Indeed I grew up in such a pub where acts would travel far and wide to perform in a small back room and the inclusion of a PA system was met with despair by the hard liners amongst the folk fraternity.

For the party person organising a house concert makes total sense with the cost of the act often being met by a ticket charge levied to friends and family. Live Music Management have supplied everything from solo singers playing pop tunes on acoustic guitars through to Rockaoke Karaoke Bands playing fully live sets with PA systems in larger residences. Many of our acts have a great deal of experience of this type of event from their time spent playing in ski resorts where the well organised chalet party has become a valued side line for the bands playing in the Alps. Jazz and swing bands also make an appearance on this scene with dates in peoples front rooms becoming more common.

Organising a house concert provides a unique experience for band and audience alike and , obviously, cuts down on venue hire charges , drink prices at bars etc etc. We would however ask one thing. Please check with the neighbours first!

Organising A House Concert

March 5th, 2014

Top Ten Best World Cup Songs Ever!

March 5th, 2014
Top Ten World Cup Songs

Top Ten World Cup Songs

Live Music Management are currently working on a project designed to make this years World Cup experience the very best that it can be for people watching the big games in Walkabout venues.

Live Music Management have looked after the entertainment in the Walkabout Australian Bars for over seventeen years . Walkabout is the number one destination for sport in the high street and were the first bars to invest in big screens and the first to invest in 3d TV technology. They have also always had the foresight to make the big football games a full live experience providing half time entertainment , DJs , trumpet players and drummers and stilt walkers and fire performers all contributing to the great atmosphere that comes with watching the game in a large venue environment.

With more people owning large screen TV’s and subscriptions to Sky the Walkabout Bars have continued to dominate the live sport market in the high street with their service levels , technology investments and with the entertainment add ons that ensure everyone watching the game in Walkabout will enjoy a fantastic night (or day!) out.

Part of our research into what makes for a great experience watching sport in a pub environment was to look at the biggest footballing anthems and to compile a list of the top ten world cup songs ever. There was input into this list from DJ’s across the UK and from our team of music experts. The full list contains over a hundred songs but we have limited it to the top ten essentials for the purpose of this blog. It would make a great playlist for any world cup game.

Bellini – Samba De Janeiro

Dario G- Carnival De Paris

Chumawumba – Tubthumpin

Queen – We Will Rock You

Queen – We Are The Champions

The Lightening Seeds – Three Lions

Pavarotti – Nessun Dorma

Status Quo – Rockin Allover The World

The Farm – All Together Now

The England Squad – Back Home (1970’s anthem)


Solo Singer For Events

February 18th, 2014
solo singer for events

solo singer for events

Alex Kennedy aka Alex Guitar and Voice is one of the UK’s most accomplished guitarist/singers with a wealth of experience playing in many different types of situations. On valentines day morning he found himself playing one of the strangest but most enjoyable shows of his career when he was booked by Outspoken Projects Ltd to perform at Gatwick Airport.

The location itself wasn’t that unusual. Alex has performed for Live Music Management in hotels , retail venues , shopping malls etc etc so a gig in an airport terminal isn’t too much of a stretch. What was markedly different about this show was the arrival and performance time. He was booked to perform at 6am!

6am is more likely to be the time that a musician gets home from a show rather than the performance time of a gig.

Alex had to be on site with his passport at 5am. He performed in the terminal and had to pass though customs although he would not be travelling outside the UK. Alex was booked to perform a selection of love songs for the airline passengers as they passed through the airport. It was a beautiful touch for valentines day morning and, by all accounts , put a smile on many early morning faces. A romantic gesture reminiscent for the early days of air travel when glamour and spectacle followed the passengers throughout the airport experience.

Alex is a very versatile artist.

He has performed on cruise ships , in night clubs and bars and student venues. He has performed recently at the Savoy for a lovely 70th birthday party. He is about to tour the UK’s holiday parks with his three piece band performing a unique live and interactive evening of Pop Music Trivia called Beat The Band. He often performs in the pit for the big West End shows and sometimes deps at theatres with touring bands and tributes. He plays solo , with his duo or with his fabulous band.

He does not regularly get booked to play at 6am!

Thanks to Gatwick and to Outspoken Events for this unique experience.



LMM DJ At Sci Fi Convention

February 13th, 2014
paul mcgan at the sci fi ball

paul mcgan at the sci fi ball

Live Music Management DJ , Dan Mason , attended and helped out at the Sci Fi Ball in Bournemouth last weekend. As well as being a major event in the calendar for lovers of all things Sci Fi it is also a major fund raiser for Teenage Cancer Trust. Dan gives his services for free and helps out at this event every year. This year he worked the weekend as a steward and his hard work , along with the  efforts of hundreds of staff , booking agents , AV people and , of course , star guests made the event another huge success which raised £4,690.52 for the charity.

The Sci Fi Ball guests included Paul McGann from Doctor Who , Chris Barrie from Red Dwarf , Marina Sirtis from Star Trek The Next Generation , Paul Blake from Star Wars and many more.

In the Exhibition Hall the guests included Reload Comics  and authors Robert Rankins , Kit Cox and Mike Garley along with illustrators Lee Sullivan and Nathan Evans and many more legends from the world of Science Fiction.

There were some great themes to the weekend with Friday night being a Zombie Apocalypse theme where you could attend as a steam punk or a zombie. Saturday took on a cowboys and aliens theme.

The whole weekend was a science fiction fans dream with the chance to dress up and meet like minded people whilst getting the chance to meet the stars of the genre and buy exclusive merchandise and attend signings .

There was also some great music and karaoke, one or two party games and more than a few quizzes.

Just a little example of what one of the LMM DJs gets up to on his weekend off. Having fun , dressing up and raising money for a very good cause at the same time. What could be better?



Valentines Day Events

February 12th, 2014
valentines day events

valentines day events

Live Music Management are involved with supplying the entertainment to a number of Valentines Day events in 2014. With February 14 falling on a Friday the date is fabulously placed to be a good night for restaurant’s and bars and has even been a major night for weddings in the UK.

The kind of Valentines Day events Live Music Management are involved in range from supplying singers and piano players to restaurants  for intimate candle lit and romantic meals through to anti valentine day DJ events where confirmed singletons get together to drown their sorrows or celebrate their fantastic luck in being single! There are a number of wedding couples who have chosen live bands with a large repertoire of romantic tunes for their valentine themed wedding party. There is also a day time promotional event to be held at Gatwick Airport with a valentines theme and an event held in the Trafford Centre with an instrumental guitarist playing swing and pop ballads for the customers passing through on Saturday afternoon.

Over the years Live Music Management have supplied acts to many Valentines Day events and we are quick to identify the right act for the right event. If you are looking for something special for your valentines themed evening then please give the office a call on 08454 900515 or email

Probably my favourite valentines day events have been the ones which have been booked as surprises for the intended recipient. The most memorable of these was a company boss who decided to treat his work force with a singer/guitarist who wandered around the office handing out chocolate and flowers to the workers during a lunch break. As he did this he sang romantic tunes to all the work staff. Apparently this particular Company Director had a track record of marking each special day in the calendar with something to remember. I am pretty sure he would have had a very happy work force that day!

Of course if you are still looking for your Valentine then you will find that there are some great events planned for the Walkabout and Bar Risa venues this coming Friday and Live Music Management Deejays will be on hand to keep you entertained. I am sure there will be one or two people hooking up whilst dancing in one of these venues this weekend. Who knows maybe one day you will be calling LMM to book a band or DJ for your wedding? It has happened before!